Property tour book interior spread with building information
Property tour book cover
Property tour book interior spread
Property tour schedule (operating as a table of contents) and tour map

Property Tour Book

Booklet, Template Design

The original process for creating tour books was tedious: scrounging through a sluggish database for leasing information, only to end up in a back-and-forth with the broker because that information was missing or out of date. This frequent task congested the marketing team's workflow and drew us away from valuable projects.

I took the initiative to improve this process, using the opportunity to redesign the tour books. Under the process I designed, brokers could now fill out a spreadsheet with the desired information, which would then be auto-populated into a template utilizing InDesign's Data Merge feature. Rather than downloading building photos every time, I compiled our own collection of images with a standardized naming system so that these could auto-populate as well. This new process reduced the time needed to create tour books to under 20 minutes, from start to printed and assembled.